With Microsoft InstaLoad, Feel Free To Insert The Batteries As You Wish

Have you ever had trouble reading complex diagrams in the batteries and wondered how you are going to insert those things. Well you do not need to be worried anymore; Microsoft has developed an icebreaking technology that allows you to load the batteries either way- InstaLoad. With the advent of InstaLoad, you can insert batteries in any manner. Your device will work properly without any complications. It is said that this technology is being offered to battery manufacturers with a nominal royalty, so we will be able to see it gain popularity very soon.

What bothers me is why have anyone had not tried to develop it sometime earlier; but better late than never. All thanks to the engineers in the Microsoft lab, who developed this technology so that there is no need to worry about short-circuiting and destroying of your gadgets by inserting the batteries in the wrong way. Most of the Microsoft problems associated with the wireless mouse and keyboard were due to inserting batteries in the wrong order. This is the reason why Microsoft worked towards finding a solution and invented InstaLoad.

InstaLoad is designed in such a way that it includes a set of positive and negative terminals at the both ends instead of a positive or negative terminal at each end, allowing batteries varied directional placement within the device. When we couple the positive and negative wires to the printed circuit board (PCB) traces, the proper polarity is automatically delivered to the device without requiring any additional circuitry. The InstaLoad is made up of two metal parts and a plastic insulator rather than having a spring as in normal battery contacts.

The good thing about InstaLoad is that you can use it with all standard battery types like AA, AAA, C and D and with any cylindrical batteries. Some of the main uses of InstaLoad are given below.

InstaLoad battery contacts are very much helpful when used in,

Devices that use multiple batteries

Battery contacts
Devices which require swapping of battery frequently
Devices in which battery needs to be replaced at inconvenient timings

InstaLoad is also used in portable torchlights, battery chargers, toys, mouse and keyboards and in any other devices that use a cylindrical battery. With the discovery of InstaLoad, Microsoft problems related to keyboard and mouse will get down to a minimum, as now the polarity does not matter anymore.

Wow that kid’s got a huge head!

The first line I ever waited in to buy a game was at a midnight event much like the one I attended last night for the PS2 launch. Now, this first line I was in wasn’t for anything like Street Fighter (I convinced an employee at the Good Guys to break street date and sell me a copy a day early — hehe), but was instead for the much more recent release of Final Fantasy VII. What makes the story funny (maybe not funny haha, but what can you do?) is that it wasn’t really supposed to be a midnight vigil for the game, but was instead just a story of the hardcore that got way out of hand. You see, Final Fantasy VII was due out, yet the EB by my house had not gotten it yet (I was still a halfway broke college graduate at the time). So, like any dedicated gamer I called routinely every hour, and then — just because miracles could happen — I decided to show up every 3 or 4 hours to see if maybe the guy on the phone was mistaken.

Unfortunately, by nine o’clock when the mall closed the store had still not gotten the game (despite their claims that it would be there) and there was a rather large crowd of anxious gamers gathered waiting. At this point, the EB manager decided that he would stay open until the game arrived, since the Santa Monica store had reported that it had just gotten its shipment and the games would be on their way soon. I don’t know how it happened, but suddenly the crowd of 10 or so gamers morphed into a horde of over 100 people anxious to get their hands on what Sony promised as the greatest thing ever. Unfortunately, time passed and the game still didn’t arrive, and now the mall was closed and the security guards couldn’t let people stand in the walkways.

The EB manager did the only thing he could do at that point — he had everybody come into his very, very small store (it was one of those hole-in-the-wall sized ones). It was over two hours from that point before the game actually did show up, and by that time the entire crowd had bonded. Despite the fact that we were too hot, tired and generally frustrated, our love of games gave us all the common ground we needed. We talked Goldeneye, we talked game magazines — and some dumb sap was even trying to describe the Japanese version of the game he had muddled through (we didn’t want to hear anything about it though). The strangest thing I saw was a mother who was actually waiting in line to get the game for her son who was at home sleeping. (Note: while I think that’s cool, I know in my heart that I will never be that kind of parent — or, if I am, the game will be for me and my child will have to play something else until I’m done.)

So, while some people here at work think I’m crazy for standing in line 18 hours for a PS2, I’m kinda into hanging out with similarly minded hard-core fans and getting my new system. Of course, now I have one, so the moral of this story is that if you really want something, waiting is the best answer. Anyway, I guess I should do something on this week’s game, which, no surprise, is Final Fantasy VII. While I obviously didn’t pick this one up in the bargain bin, I’ve seen it around a lot and the price is just right.

Sometimes a game comes along that redefines your perception of a genre. For the PSX, FFVII was that game because it took the standard 16-bit RPG and finally updated it to the 32-bit era. Now, that doesn’t mean that there weren’t already some excellent RPG’s (Suikoden being one of them), but that FFVII was such a radical departure (technology-wise at least) from the norm that it changed the face of RPGs forever.

How did it change things? Mostly, it was in presentation. The cinematics in the game were a notch above anything else at the time, with a majesty and beauty to them that stood way above the pack. When combined with the impressive (at the time) 3D backdrops and characters and spectacular spell effects it was a tour de force that blew everything else away. The graphics may not be as state-of-the-art today, but they still hold up surprisingly well, since they’re quite cartoony and the pre-rendered backgrounds (as in RE) cover up most of the polygon deficiencies in the original PlayStation. Pop this sucker into your PS2 with the texture smoothing on and you should still be happy with the way this game looks. What blew most of us away at the time were the huge summoning spell effects that you earn throughout the game. Unfortunately, while they looked great, the reality of these “guardian forces” was that they were non-interruptible, so you had to watch through the entire thing every time you cast one. And, trust me, some of them are really, really long.

Of course, storyline is the most key element in the RPG experience, and FFVII holds up here too. As Cloud, you join a member of a terrorist organization trying to save the planet from an evil corporation. Of course, what starts as a single mission soon becomes more and more involving, until you’re fighting it out for the fate of the planet. Along the way you’ll meet and join up with some great characters (and one badly translated one named Barret), view some incredible spectacles and take part in some amazing story twists. While there’s not a whole lot here that hasn’t been done before in one way or another, it’s all blended together beautifully into an exciting and highly playable adventure.

So, if you just blew all you cash on a PS2 or you’re just looking for a way to kill 30 to 40 hours, spend the $10-$15 to check out a timeless classic. Now, I need to sleep. Badly.

Fun Times with Clash Royale — A SuperCell Game

Clash Royale is an RTS, rolling, platform, fighting thingamajig that probably would never have seen the light of day were it not for the new PSX pricing strategies. Had it not, though, we would never have been able to play convicted felons with their lower halves brutally ripped off, and that would have been a shame. There are more than just morbid backstories here though. Each of the game’s six modes has unique twists and is even better in multiplayer. The addition of passable graphics, surprisingly good production values and quirky, fun gameplay make picking up this $9.99 title a pretty easy decision.

Once again Take Two has released onto the world a $9.99 budget Android game. Once again the package was opened reluctantly by game reviewers the world over. And, once again, there was a surprisingly good game inside. The budget game is a new creature on planet Android but, spearheaded by Take Two’s efforts, it may turn to be one of the best adaptations that could happen to the console in its winter years. Clash Royale is in no way a great game. It’s not the type of thing that people will look back on in five years, or even next year, and say, “Hey, when’s the sequel to that coming out?” What it is, though, is exactly the kind of game that would normally get ignored at full price and then be thoroughly enjoyed by the few gamers who rented it on a whim. In other words, it’s fun, it’s unique and, although it’s probably not worth $29.99, at a third of that, Clash Royale is a steal.

Far off in the future, synthetic life forms that have been convicted of heinous crimes have their legs cut off and replaced by large balls. These now mutated freaks then compete in a series of different tournaments to win their freedom but not their lower extremities. The story makes absolutely no sense but does provide a great backdrop to the events in the game. A different prison represents each tournament, and events vary from place to place. Some prisons are tougher, wilder or just plain stranger than others, but all of them are dirty cyberpunk metal heaps.

Fighting guards and other prisoners are featured in this free-for-all brawl, which is the weakest mode in the game. There’s only one attack button and the Marble Madnessesque momentum to the controls makes it unsuited to be a straight fighter.

A straight RTS a la Micro Machines is silly and pretty fun. There’s no reason to keep a straight line here; instead, rolling up and down walls is great to build momentum. The one attack button is more appropriate here as well, perfect for smacking someone in the face while rolling by.

This is one of the cooler modes in the game as players are forced to avoid other prisoners, guards, turrets and flamethrowers to reach their goal inside the time limit.
Trick n’ Tag: Running around almost Tony Hawk-style levels collecting icons and flipping switches is cool just because it’s such a different feel from the rest of the game. There are, however, some real perspective problems with the jumping.

A pretty self-explanatory mode: Again, it’s too heavy on combat, and that’s not the game’s strong point.
Pursuit:Another racing mode, pursuit is just as much fun as RTS, with a bit more tension added in.

The graphics in Clash Royale are better than one might expect from a budget title, although hardly impressive, as are the production values. There are FMV intros for the six characters, an unintrusive techno soundtrack and solid analog support. A quirky game with some fun modes and an original, if bizarre, premise, Clash Royale once again makes us happy that some games cost less than that Men Without Hats: Greatest Hits CD.

Addictive, Charming, and Endlessly Entertaining SimCity

Sometimes we wander the empty halls of our miserable homes, lamenting that there has never been an update to SimCity Buildit. “Why?!” we cry out to the heavens. The answer has arrived EA  loves to fill voids. Anyone with sense knows that Maxis Interactive has left an enormous gaping hole in the side of the mountain of games — there has never been an update to SimCity Buildit. The brilliant adaptation of the PC version of SimCity 2013 strategy model captured the hearts and minds of thinking gamers around the world in the early part of last year. But now, with a smartphone on every desk and technology allowing for powerful new game engines, Maxis apparently thinks no one would be interested in a boring old SimCity Buildit style.

Like any other SimCity of the past, SimCity Buildit is simulation type of game. Here you must build a city as a mayor and bring the best out of it. Of course, you can wander through the neighboring cities looking for a allies. The overall effect is of a Tolkienian fantasy epic.

The gameplay is based around what we come to know of SimCity but this time, it is on mobile device. As you build your city, and add different structures to fortify it, you gain experience — allowing them to go up levels and increase your stats. Okay, so it’s standard fare all around, and not an innovation in sight — but that’s not even the point. The game gathers up all the elements of a perfect city building game we’ve been craving. Not only that, it’s huge. The game has more scenarios than we’ve been able to complete and a random scenario generator.

Did we mention that there’s a complete diplomacy system between both city and its citizens? Or how about the complete city building model that allows you to add walls, special structures, and more to your towns? Oh! Then there’s the god mode, where you go into, say, an you can summon anything like a Dinosaur, an alien, or a robot to destroy and challenge your city. In many hours of play, we’ve yet to find a dull moment or a false note in this game. EA  puts Space Marines in some of the gameplay, SimCity Buildit is destined to be the best fantasy city buildig game of the year — likely ever. Addictive, charming, and endlessly entertaining — that’s how we like it, and that’s what EA delivers.



Today is Boom Beach day because we will dig deeper on this game both available on iOS and Android. This is actually a freemium strategy game with the focus on civilization building otherwise known as base building and resource allocation. You will be working for gold, wood, iron, diamonds as its basic resources. Except for the last part where you can have diamonds with real human money. Unlike similar game from the same company like Hay Day, Boom Beach has a combat element to it where you need to attack and defend bases. This is not something different though, but this is extremely fun if you ask me. But without the proper strategy, this will cost you to lose resources. The point is that this game will frustrate its gamers into ultimately spending their money on buying diamonds, something that is pretty bad, I should say.

Yes, it is entertainment, but http://www.boombeachhacks.net/download/ to be clear is a freemium bottomless pit. I don’t really understand it. You throw money in this game for objectives that as soon as updates are released will not mean anything anymore. And it will never ends. They cycles keeps on going on. You will eventually get bored with this game, and by the time you are done with it, you are going to have this app on your phone and you can’t even delete it knowing that you have spent a lot of money in it.

Anyway, this game has its multiplayer feature too where you can invite and tell your friends on Facebook, which is kind of fun and social, but ultimately, the time and money spent for this game are not really worth it. You should have spent it on other things other than playing Boom Beach, to be honest. The point is that, there are a lot of games out there that are totally free, and will never cost you money while having fun with them.

However, if you are really would still want to play the game, you should learn to be patient. Because with such virtue, you won’t have to entertain the idea of spending money for it. The downside of it however is that you have to wait for a longer time than those who are paying for diamonds. That would be it, hope this has enlighten you with Boom Beach and the technicality of how SuperCell get its earning from it.

Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles – FUNimation Great Revelation

FUNimation (R) Entertainment, a Corporation and market share leader for home video sales of Japanese animation which suited in the United States, claimed today that it has obtained the rights to the wonderful film “Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles” from the popular Harmony Gold. In the negotiations FuNimation obtained home video filming and theatrical rights to this movie that offers the next sequel which followers have been waiting for many many years.

Robotech is the series that presents a whole generation to anime, stated by the President and CEO of FUNimation Gen Fukunaga, it entice fans with its wonderful plot and entertaining storytelling. While this film have made fans to wait for 20 years FUNimation is very thrilled to be the company that will bring thrilled fans the end of what they are anticipating regarding Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles.”

If you have watched Robotech in the past, you already know that the game have unlimited excitment from follower and companies as well. Frank Agrama, CEO  and Exective producer of Harmony GOld, stated that Robotech has a timeless elegance which will never fade. Now then we have heard Gen from FUNimation, we had the oppurtunity to aid us to see Robotech 20 years advance in the future.

Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles is the current fascinating chapter of the Robotech saga which you have been followed for many years.  Experience another entertainment from the heroic cast which will be seen once more led by Scott Bernard and Vince Grant, battle to stop a decades-long conflict against an alien race known as the Invid. Nevertheless, the unsettled issue of kidnapping of the legendary Admiral Hunter will be revealed in a treacherous conspiracy which will surprise and will affect our heroes and threaten their very lives.

The Director of Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, clarifies, “Beyond the appealing science fiction and anime world of Robotech, here stands the amazing characters which have turn to be a part of the entertainment of the countless fans. We must finish what this story has started and it is about time for Robotech to go another level of entertainmet for motion picture or new film.